We are KITRO

KITRO aims to harness the power of data to save valuable resources and bring back the value of all food.

December 2018

Imperfect Produce

There are initiatives to repurpose or redistribute food popping up in various countries,trying to reverse the sad story of ugly fruit. Why are projects such as Imperfect Producegaining ground more now than ever?

October 2018

Nick Balla

Nick Ballais currently opening Duna Kitchen and Smokebread, a processing kitchen and restaurantconcept solely focused on repurposing and eliminating food waste.

April 2018

Kristin Musulin

Kristin Musulin is an editor at Industry Dive, producing content for the sections focusing on Waste and Smart Cities energy efficient climate change. From a short but explosive career in journalism covering topics that matter.

April 2018

Claire Cummings

Claire is a true advocate in addressing food waste on a national level, taking the initiative and striving for zero waste in all she does, both at work and in life.

March 2018

Fabien Pairon

Fabien Pairon began working in the food business at the age of 15. Initially trained as a chef, he has worked in France and abroad, mainly in gastronomic restaurants and international catering service companies.

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