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Automated data

Leveraging the use of AI technology, tracking food waste with the KITRO TARE is effortless and fully automated.

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key benefits

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Our dedicated team of food waste consultants you through your data, maximizing results.

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At MHP we are incredibly grateful for the professional relationship we’ve built and for the exceptional system you’ve provided. Kitro is not just a tool, it’s been a catalyst for immense positive changes; not only in our financial well-being. Kitro helps us to underpin MHP's ambitious ESG strategy with tangible and credible measures.

Hans-Peter Hermann

VP of Hotel Asset Management

University Canteen

QuotePicture of Bruno Rossignol

KITRO allows us to accurately quantify the financial and sustainable impact of the EPFL campus restoration. It is an integral part of the 20/30 strategy. Thanks to the data collected, we can compare the performance of the different operators and quantify the savings made by the operators SV Group, Compass and Novae.

Bruno Rossignol

Head of Catering RESCO, EPFL

University Campus

QuotePicture of Noemie Danthine - Director of Sustainability at EHL

KITRO supports us in raising awareness on sustainability within the staff and student body, using concrete data. It also highlighted a difference in expectations between our customers and the kitchen and allowed us to bridge that gap.

Noémie Danthine

Director of Sustainability, EHL



Thanks to KITRO, we have learned a lot about our food waste, in terms of both quantity and quality. The most significant results are seen when looking at specific ingredients.

Jean-Vital Domezon

General Manager, Hotel d'Angleterre

Corporate Canteen


Although I was at first skeptical with KITRO’s new approach, once we received the first food waste report, I was impressed with the detail and depth of insight.

James Egan

Executive chef, Eldora canteen

University Campus


Their recommendations drive the implementation of a long term food waste strategy that match our cost and sustainable goals. The indicators found on the KITRO's dashboard allow us to compare ourselves and quantify our progresses.

Paulo Macarrao

Head of Stewarding, Les Roches

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KITRO puts both the environment and our customers first. We believe in long term solutions that have a lasting, positive impact for our customers and for our planet.

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