We are KITRO

KITRO aims to harness the power of data to save valuable resources and bring back the value of all food.

KITRO seeks to raise awareness and tackle food waste, designing sustainable products that enables the food & beverage industry to take measures to address the growing issue.

Our vision is to bring back the value of all food, so it is appreciated and not wasted. Developing technology to measure each restaurant's impact, we provide the industry with a benchmark through data collection, a starting point from which to tackle food waste.

Our story

Founded in 2017, KITRO is a Swiss company embarking on a global challenge by harnessing the power of technology and using it for sustainable change. With artificial intelligence as the foundation, KITRO offers an automated food waste data collection and analysis solution that can be adopted by food and beverage outlets worldwide.

Created by hospitality insiders, the company strives to bring back the value of all resources, so they are appreciated and not wasted.

During their studies at the École hôtelière de Lausanne and working in restaurants and hotels, cofounders Naomi and Anastasia saw the tremendous amount of perfectly edible food that is thrown away every single day in the hospitality industry.

With first-hand experience in the hospitality industry and computer science, the KITRO team is committed to bringing an innovative solution to food waste, integrating technology into commercial kitchens, and bringing actionable insights to the issue of food waste. We continue to build KITRO together with industry professionals to create a user-oriented product that is easy to use and makes sense.

Quality assurance

KITRO delivers high quality Swiss solutions that are efficient and robust. Our hardware withstands the kitchen environment and our software is personable and user-friendly.

Sustainable impact

KITRO puts both the environment and our customers first. We believe in long term solutions that have a lasting, positive impact for our customers and for our planet.

Awareness & Action

To raise awareness and tackle food waste along the entire supply chain, we strive to educate and increase the conversation. KITRO enables forward-thinkers to help the cause.

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