We are KITRO

KITRO aims to harness the power of data to save valuable resources and bring back the value of all food.

October 2020

Inside the Zurich hub of fresh produce

Reflecting on the process of getting suchan abundance of local and exotic food into Engrosmarkt every day, there are two conflicting

June 2020

Processed vs. Raw

Focused on the investment and development of the Dubai concrete jungle, GRIF(Global Restaurant Investment Forum) was an extravagant conference lavished withdelicious food and drinks that seemed to stretch for miles

June 2020


There is value hiding in your trash.No, we're not telling you to put compost pie on the menu, but rather to avoid creating it in the first place

April 2020

The search for greener hotel solutions

In a world where we focus more and more on sustainability, we may also, in the future, change the way we choose our overnight stays.

Management Gegen Lebensmittelverschwendung

Published by :
Das Objektmoebel Journal
Nov 4, 2020

Foodtech: la Suisse réinvente l’alimentation de demain

Published by :
PME Magazin
Oct 12, 2020

Die Guten ins Töpfchen

Published by :
Oct 10, 2020

Tech-Gründerin Anastasia Hofmann: «Wir brainstormen beim Apéro»

Published by :
Schweizer Illustrierte
Sep 11, 2020

Mit der Kitro Waage gegen Food Waste

Published by :
Kursaal Bern
Apr 10, 2020