What is KITRO?

a state-of-the-art solution to effortlessly measure and monitor food waste.

How it works

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Plug 'n Play

Installed quickly and seamlessly into your existing operations. Plug it in and you are ready to go.

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Capture & identify

KITRO captures and records every discarded item. Each item is identified and quantified thanks to our artificial intelligence software.

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Save resources

Identify problematic waste areas and together with our team implement tailored actions to reduce food waste and save money.

Captures all food waste

For Culinary Directors

"Thanks to the implementation of Kitro's Food Waste System in the training restaurant of the SHL Schweizerische Hotelfachschule Luzern, we are able to show our students directly and exemplary the problem of "food waste". In class we analyse the recorded data and discuss possible optimisations. This strengthens the awareness of the hotel and catering industry to the issue of food waste and prepares them optimally for the future."

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KitroMarc-André Dietrich

"This strengthens the awareness of the leaders of the hotel and catering industry to the issue of food waste and prepares them optimally for the future."

Marc-André Dietrich

Culinary Director,
SHL Swiss Hotel School Lucerne

For Restaurant Managers

CRM platforms, POS and inventory systems exist to monitor and optimise processes and operations. Food waste management lacks a comparable tool.

KITRO fills that gap, giving you a new KPI to monitor your performance so you can react quickly, align your business objectives, and optimise your food cost profit margin.

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"Thanks to KITRO, I could make the professional analysis necessary for my Masters. I look forward to our continued work together."

Sarah Lindenmann

Restaurant Manager,
Swiss Re Centre of Global Dialogue

For Managers

Receive an overview of your waste performance over time between different venues. Where do you rank compared to similar venues in your competitive landscape?

Add a refreshing KPI to your operations, and receive your KITRO label after 1 year of analysis and successful waste reduction.

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"In addition to the aspect of cost reduction, creative ideas also come up on how we can use food in a more versatile way."

Michael Kampmann

Operations Manager F&B, 25hours hotels Zürich Langstrasse

Need to know more about KITRO?

How much savings can I make with KITRO?


Every property is different, and savings depend on the starting point as well as the motivation of the team on-site. Our customers have reduced up to 60% of their edible food waste where reductions range on average around 30% within the first 6 months of measuring. This results in savings between 2% and 6% of your annual food cost. Typically, our customers benefit from a positive ROI after just a few months of measurement.

How easy is it to install and get started?

After signing the contract, we only need some basic information about your property, and we can get started. We usually can start measuring within 4 weeks depending on your preferred start date and geography.

Within Switzerland we offer the service to come and install the devices directly at your property for an extra charge that includes a kick-off meeting.

For a smaller fee, we send the device to you and you can easily set it up yourself within 15min. The kick-off will then happen virtually. Contact us for more information!

How much does it cost?

KITRO offers a subscription-based service with the option to rent the device monthly. Depending on the length of contract, the size of your property and the number of units required different discounts apply. Contact our team to find out more!

How do I know if the KITRO solution works for me?

Typically, we see that the amount of food waste occurring in commercial kitchens is greatly underestimated so our solution is beneficial for most of them. Properties that serve at least 100 meals a day quickly see a return on their investment and are able to make a huge impact, but of course it is property dependent. We work with all types of properties from canteens, retirement homes, hospitals, cruise ships to upscale & luxury hotels and seasonal properties, contact us to see if KITRO is a fit for you.

Is there any effort necessary for me and my team?

The measurement process is completely automated, with no buttons or effort needed. However, collecting data alone does not achieve results, though. Your online dashboard gives you all the insights necessary to take action and set achievable and measurable goals.
You have the option to personalize and input certain information on the dashboard. The more information you put in, the more granular and useful your analysis will become.

Does KITRO support me with the understanding of my data?

Absolutely! You will have your personal key food waste expert, who will take care of you and get you settled. In addition to on-boarding calls, we also support you with regular check-ins, quarterly goal setting and best practise calls, which are all included in the monthly subscription. Together we can exchange knowledge and support you and your team in achieving your reduction and sustainability goals.

What is the minimum measurement period?

In the past years we've completed over hundreds of measurements and have seen that measuring long-term makes sense due to many factors. As your success is in our best interest, we have set the minimum measurement period to 12-months with an exception for seasonal properties that are closing for a few months per year.
With over 95% of our customers renewing their contracts after their first year of measuring, we have seen that long-term data collection is very relevant and leads to best results.
Successfully optimizing and keeping an eye on your food waste is not a one time thing but it's a process.

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