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A fully automated device

Our device takes a photo and captures the weight of every item that’s thrown in your existing food waste bin.

We automatically identify what fills your bins. So when you throw away a carrot, we can tell you it's the carrot or the carrot peel, the amount thrown away, when it happened and even how much it cost you.

This plug-and-play solution stays out of the way of operations and is adjustable to fit any size bin (up to 120 litres). So you don't need to push any buttons.

A personalised dashboard

Evaluate your main sources of waste, identify cost drivers
and understand where you can save.

Set achievable goals and track progress in order to focus on what’s important and motivates your team. Know if you're throwing away fewer carrots over time.

Compare multiple venues on the same dashboard, and share results.
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Learn from the best

Receive tips and best practices from our dedicated chefs and food waste warriors.

Browse through proven best practices to save time.
How are other chefs optimising the use of their carrots?

Collaborate with like-minded chefs for
bigger and better impact!
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