The search for greener hotel solutions

April 20, 2020

In a world where we focus more and more on sustainability, we may also, in the future,  change the way we choose our overnight stays. Or as Isabel Wijsen, cofounder of Bye Bye  Plastic Bags pointed out at the 2019 World Tourism Forum Luzern: “I no longer want to  know whether you have a mini-bar, WiFi or a bathroom, because that’s standard in 2019,  but what I do want to know are your impacts in sustainability.”  

Riders Hotel, in the heart of Graubünden, Laax, is a prime example for this. They care for  and respect the natural space around them, and in an exemplary manner make use of  their strategy to: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.  

The hotel’s energy is powered by hydropower from  Surselva and is 100% renewable, meaning zero CO2  emissions.  Additionally, they care about ethics and transparency in relation to food and purchasing. This is one reason why  they started working with KITRO in 2017. With our © Riders Hotel support, they reduced their avoidable food waste per guest by 56% and saved 1’300  meals over a 4 month analysis period. But above all, their social impact is the most  impressive, as they support ClimbAID, an aid  organisation that brings the fun of climbing to young refugees in Lebanon. 

Now all this sounds like a sales pitch (and partially it is, because you should stay here next  time you visit Switzerland) but the point is, travellers are looking for places to stay that do  good and make them feel good.’s 2018 market study on sustainable travel  found that “87% of travellers want to travel sustainably, with 67% intending to stay in an  eco-friendly accommodation in the next year.”  So what is your hotel doing?  

By the way: For every night you spend at Riders Hotel, CHF 1 goes to Weisse Arena Gruppe’s Greenstyle Foundation, an NGO that aims at preserving and protecting the beautiful surrounding environment.

Learn more here: greenstyle

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