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The preferred solution for hotels, canteens and restaurants that helps you manage your food waste without any extra effort.
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KITRO TARE is the only solution that measures your food waste without any extra effort from your employees.


Within a fraction of a second, our algorithms analyze and identify 100% of what you’ve discarded based on images taken with the camera above the bin.


Take action based on insights from your personalized dashboard and our consulting services.

Why work with KITRO?

Food waste is a global problem. Annually of all food produced ends up being wasted. That's 1.3 billion tons! 14% of which comes from the food service industry.
Let’s do our part and address this issue for a more sustainable future! Curious to learn about your impact?
Tailored support and consulting with proven best practises
Holistic overview of everything that ends up in your bin
No staff training required
No greenwashing - specific data for your ESG reporting
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