Reduce waste,
save money

Using an AI driven solution, KITRO mitigates food waste and recuperates losses.

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100% automated
food waste analysis

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data insights

Make smart decisions and optimize your operations with personalized data.

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Start tracking

KITRO is easy to set up and adaptable to all kitchen waste bins.

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Set targets &
reach goals

Our dedicated team guides you through your data, maximizing results.

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Thanks to KITRO, we have learned a lot about our food waste, in terms of both quantity and quality. The most significant results are seen when looking at specific ingredients.

Jean-Vital Domezon

General Manager,
Hotel d'Angleterre

Corporate canteen


Although I was at first skeptical with KITRO’s new approach, once we received the first food waste report, I was impressed with the detail and depth of insight.

James Egan

Executive chef,
Eldora canteen

Luxury Hotels


KITRO is a brilliant tool that has given us the opportunity to have a detailed overview of our food waste and make considerable changes based on progressive analysis.

Christopher Caioni

Purchasing Manager,
Alpina Gstaad Hotel

Swiss made
Premium quality

Swiss made

As with all things Swiss, we demand the highest quality in every thing we do. Rest assured, our product and our service is premium grade.

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Environmental awareness

Positive impact
for our planet

KITRO puts both the environment and our customers first. We believe in long term solutions that have a lasting, positive impact for our customers and for our planet.

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