Simplified Food Waste Management

Coop Gastronomy

"KITRO showed considerable potential in terms of food waste reduction. The open and fresh collaboration worked smoothly and the whole KITRO team showed a great commitment to Coop Gastronomy."
Martin Wasserfallen, Head of Services & Product Management

Install KITRO and

automatically measure

Place your food waste bin onto our device in the kitchen and service areas. Throw your food waste into the bin, and just keep on working! We automatically track what is thrown away, and how much it costs you.

View analytics and

take action to save

Receive detailed, action-oriented insights that show your food waste breakdown and where you can save, empowering you to make smart decisions.

Achieve results and

be part of the solution

Based on changes you've implemented, see optimisations in your processes, from purchasing to menu engineering, from production methods to plating. Together, let's take the lead on food waste reduction and positive environmental impact.
less food waste
+ CHF 100'000
annual cost savings
Save thousands of
meals per year

Quality assurance

KITRO strives to provide high quality Swiss solutions that are efficient and impactful. This is the first fully automated solution to monitor your food waste. We automatically track and analyse with zero staff training necessary. We give you the most accurate and interesting data, so you can take action and save costs.

Sustainable Impact

Our vision is to bring back the value of all food, so that it is appreciated, not wasted. KITRO puts the environment first, taking responsibility for all actions to create a greener future. We believe in long term solutions that have lasting positive impact for our customers and for our planet.

Awareness & Action

To raise awareness and tackle food waste along the entire supply chain, our decisions must be data-driven and close to our hearts. We constantly aim to educate and increase the conversation. KITRO enables and empowers forward thinkers and doers to address the pressing issue and take measures.

Join our customers in the fight against food waste

We provide our customers with products and services that add value, and simultaneously leave as little trace as possible on our environment. We consider this in all aspects of our development.
So we bring you the KITRO R5, which embodies the five R's of Sustainability:
Reduce   |   Recycle   |   Reuse   |   Rot   |   Refuse
Our Company

Our goal is to bring back the value of food, so that all food is appreciated, not wasted. 

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