Your benefits

See how your restaurant can benefit from food waste management. Learn how chefs, managers and owners can use data to reduce waste and costs.

For executive chefs

We work closely with chefs because you are at the frontline of food waste reduction. Not only do you motivate your team, but you also directly influence the choice of ingredients and menus served in your venue. Planning and ordering is facilitated through deeper insights and enables you to understand your food cost in detail. Instead of worrying about cost, you can focus on the things that actually matter: creativity and exceeding customer expectations.

Although I was at first skeptical with KITRO's new approach, once we received the first food waste report, I was impressed with the detail and depth of insight.
James Egan
Executive chef
For restaurant and operations managers

We have CRM platforms, POS and inventory systems to monitor and optimise processes and operations, but lack the tool for food waste management. KITRO fills that gap, giving you a new KPI to monitor your performance so you can react quickly in case it is not aligned with your business objectives.

Looking forward to KITRO's product development and working with them again for next year's ski season.
Réne Bolz
Restaurant Manager, Berghaus Nagens
For sustainability and marketing managers

We are at a turning point, where consumers demand sustainable practices when they travel and dine. KITRO supports sustainability and marketing managers in reflecting a brand image they wish to share with their guests.

Dörte Bachmann
Sustainability Manager, SV Group
We were able to optimise the operations in one of our restaurants with a 34% reduction in plate waste during a 3-month pilot.
For purchasing and financial controllers

Learn which menus guests enjoy and which they’d prefer not to eat. Make informed purchasing decisions and save costs through previous knowledge of thrown away items to invest in better and more appropriate quantities.

Christopher Caioni
Purchasing Manager, The Alpina Gstaad
KITRO is a brilliant tool that has given us the opportunity to have a detailed overview of our food waste and make considerable changes based on progressive analysis.
For general managers and owners

There’s a lot to be said for internal performance and benchmarking. Receive an overview of your waste performance over time, and see where you rank compared to similar properties in your competitive landscape. Add a refreshing and hopeful KPI to your operations and track your progress.

Jean-Vital Domezon
General Manager, Hotel d'Angleterre
Thanks to KITRO, we have learned a lot about our food waste, in terms of both quantity and quality. The most significant results are seen when looking at specific ingredients.

Our Preferred Partners

If you work with one or more of our preferred partners and want to reduce food waste, then you can benefit from special deals!

Our Company

Our goal is to bring back the value of food, so that all food is appreciated, not wasted. 

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