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For executive chefs
We work closely with chefs because you are at the frontline of food waste reduction. Not only do you motivate your team, but you also directly influence the choice of ingredients and menus served in your venue.

KITRO enables you to understand your food cost in detail. Now you can focus on the things that actually matter: creativity and exceeding customer expectations.
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“Although I was at first skeptical with KITRO’s new approach, once we received the first food waste report, I was impressed with the detail and depth of insight.”
- James Egan, Executive chef
For restaurant and operations managers
CRM platforms, POS and inventory systems exist to monitor and optimise processes and operations. Food waste management lacks a comparable tool.

KITRO fills that gap, giving you a new KPI to monitor your performance so you can react quickly, align your business objectives, and optimise your food cost profit margin.
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“Thanks to KITRO, I could make the professional analysis necessary for my Masters. I look forward to our continued work together.”
- Sarah Lindenmann, Op. Catering Manager, SwissRe
For general managers and owners
Receive an overview of your waste performance over time between different venues. Where do you rank compared to similar venues in your competitive landscape?

Add a refreshing KPI to your operations, and receive your KITRO label after 1 year of analysis and successful waste reduction.
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“Thanks to KITRO, we have learned a lot about our food waste, in terms of both quantity and quality. The most significant results are seen when looking at specific ingredients."
- Jean-Vital Domezon, General Manager, Hotel d'Angleterre
For sustainability and marketing managers
We are at a turning point, with guests who demand sustainable practices when they travel and dine. KITRO supports you in reflecting a brand image you wish to share with guests.
For purchasing and financial controllers
Learn which menus guests enjoy and which they’d prefer not to eat. Make informed purchasing decisions and save costs through historical knowledge to invest in better and optimised quantities.
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"KITRO is a brilliant tool that has given us the opportunity to have a detailed overview of our food waste and make considerable changes based on progressive analysis."
- Christopher Caioni, Purchasing Manager, Hotel Alpina Gstaad
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Through analysis and proven waste reduction, you will be eligible for an official KITRO label. Be a leader in sustainability and tell your guests your story.