What is KITRO

Founded in November 2017 in Canton de Vaud in Switzerland, KITRO is a company that focuses on bringing back the value of all food. 

Bring back the value of all food, so it is appreciated and not wasted.
Every day, millions of tons of food are thrown away. Two thirds of all this wasted food is edible. This avoidable food waste along the entire supply chain has detrimental impacts on the environment, and reducing it would prevent unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions and help mitigate climate change.
KITRO is a Swiss based company that was founded in canton Vaud, by co-founders Anastasia and Naomi. During their studies at the École hôtelière de Lausanne they saw first hand the tremendous amount of perfectly edible food that is thrown away every single day in the hospitality industry. 
With first-hand experience in the hospitality industry and computer science, the KITRO team is committed to bringing an innovative solution to food waste, integrating technology into kitchen operations of canteens and restaurants, and giving actionable insights to the issue of food waste. This is the first time you can increase profit margins and reduce avoidable waste through accurate allocation of costs and identification of main sources of waste.
We are trying to bring back the value of all food, so it is appreciated and not wasted. With our relevant analytics, we support you to do the same.

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Notre organisation

Our goal is to bring back the value of food, so that all food is appreciated, not wasted. 

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